AIM Auto Responder Bot


Affordable easy to use AIM Auto Responder Bot!

if you been looking for a cheap aim bot look no further! Celtik has just released a very simple yet powerful Auto Responder Bot for AIM. Its got every thing you need to get around those pesky msplinks and stay ahead of the competition!

Forum Blues!


Thank you all for your interest in the Invaders Forum. As you know access is by invitation only and it is completely private and closed to the public. Despite the invitations not every one is happy with the forum structure. It is very tight security. Respect and trust must be earned, not assumed! Doesn’t matter who you are! If you think your some body that may bother you. Also the forum loyalty goes to members first, not bot makers. If your a bot maker that may bother you too. Since this is a very tight circle of friends, we really don’t care how many members we get. It’s not about numbers but quality posts. So all invitees are on probation until they are screened and approved by trusted members. Needless to say, some people leave unhappy.

I get a fair amount of emails asking if they can get invited to Invaders. No. It doesn’t work that way. But you can request consideration at this Link. Yes it works! but don’t get your hopes up to high.

I will be starting a new forum very soon! This new forum will be open to the general public and free of course. This forum will be a boot camp, and training grounds! It will consist of different levels of membership! And can also be used for ammunition to gain consideration for Invaders Forum!

Just a word of advice to any one who joins any of these forums. They are not like most other forums. They are based on a democracy rather then a dictatorship. What that means is if the majority of members does not want you, your out. It also means every trusted member has a active role in governing the forums. It also means *you* get more freedom! Posts will never be censored or deleted just because the admin or mod doesn’t like it or you. It takes a group effort by trusted members to make that happen. Now thats a lot of freedom for some people to take it. Most have become comfortable with a dictatorship where just the admin and mods make all the decisions. With this much freedom comes the need to be able to be more tolerant of different ideas, and opinions. You can not be so soft skin or expect things to always go your way. You need to be more diplomatic, patient, and tolerant of totally different ideas!

I will announce when the new public forum is open for business!

Army Of Bots Forum


New Blog New Form New Opportunity!

Army of Bots our sister site has just been revamped and ready for prime time! In addition to a blog it also has a new forum which will be open to the general public for a short time! BUT unlike our more Elite and Private Invaders Forum, this forum will remain to be easier to access and join! And there will not be a limit to the number of members.

I suggest you check it out, register and start making some posts there now! You don’t want to miss another golden opportunity again! Yes the forum is brand spanking new! Yes there is not much there now. In fact nothing yet. I will leave it up to you. I will add some useful information there very soon. But for now it’s up to you! I can assure you it will be rocking very quickly! After a unspecified amount of time, I will make access a little more restricted, but not as hard to join as Invaders. In no way is this forum intended to compete or replace Invaders forum. It is more like a boot camp for new warriors and experienced warriors!

As for the Army Of Bots Blog, it will specialize in social networks and bots! This blog, army of blogs will start to resume more of its earlier coverage of reviews, interviews, and news regarding marketing as a whole.

Michelle MacPhearson Markets Marketers


Michelle MacPhearson A Social Authority?

Ok people here goes another *real* report about marketing marketers! As you know for the past three years I have continued to break the silence on many topics and report the truth about some of the marketing practices that I felt was questionable. I’ve also reviewed many, many products, programs, services, and ebooks. Providing you a completely unbiased honest report! Many times angering other marketers in the process. Army of Blogs is the ONLY place you will get the truth about many of these “get rich quick”, and “get a ton of free traffic” schemes that often border a scam but more often is simply a over dose of bull shit!

What is “marketing marketers?

This is a term I use to describe how some marketers target other marketers and webmasters to profit from. This includes such hot subjects as, Adsense Empire Crap, Social Sites, YouTube, and any thing that promises you either more traffic or money or both! Also includes the seo sector to boost your PR by hundreds or thousands of free backlinks. You get the idea. They target marketers and webmasters who are vulnerable to finding ways to make easy money or instant traffic!

This is accomplished by ebooks which offer very general basic information you could have found for free on the Internet, over priced seminars that stroke your ego and produce next to nothing results, and programs that promise you astronomical earnings and traffic. I’m sure many of you been there and done that, and you already know what I’m talking about. Half of the Internet Marketers out there are nothing but bull shit artists! They targeted YOU!

It can be hard to find a quality internet marketing company, even Medical SEO can be hard to find. When it comes to the very best Miami SEO, there is only one place to go!


So where does Michelle MacPhearson fit in all this? Good question. I’ve interviewed Michelle once, and quickly realized she is “soft skinned”, easily offended. Michelle in my opinion is a fairly honest marketer as far as marketers go that is. You may remember her from SpaceHogs when she use to visit semi regularly during her Badder Adder days. Badder Adder was a Myspace bot of average quality, few updates, and next to zero support. In fact many on Space Hogs complained about BA, and reported asking for a refund and never getting one. Michelle is not a programmer, she is a marketer. So she can not be blamed entirely for all the BA problems, but the support simply was not there. Also when MS sent out the first C&D orders to bot owners, she took BA off market even before she received a C&D order. And that was the last we seen from her until recently when she started her youtube promotions.

Michelle has on a few occasions admited she has very limited experience in social marketing, yet suddenly she is a authority. She has announced work on a ebook she will be releasing soon and asked if she should give it away or charge some thing for it on her blog at, btw how many of you also use a domain after your own name for marketing? Any way yours truly posted a couple (2) posts on her blog. The first I suggested free, give the damn thing away for free! Then several others, probably either MM cheerleaders or IMer’s who seen a exploit opportunity suggested charging as much as she could for it. I posted again reminding those “price it” people that what ever Michelle was planning on releasing it would be dated quickly because things change daily on social sites! And I brought up the marketing marketers angle, and how I have not been a part of that game and continue to give away free reports and info. Well Michelle deleted my posts of course. It did not sit well with her plans and she accused me over crossing the line again. WHAT LINE? The truth???

Look people, listen very carefully to me. I can almost guarantee you that you will not find any *real* valuable information about social marketing on any ebook! The reasons are many!

Number One:

The real secrets are heavily guarded! People who really know their shit are not talking! They are too busy making serious money and could give a rats ass if *you* ever discover how they do it! In fact they would prefer you never do! They stand to make more money keeping these things a secret rather then publishing them for any price!

Number Two:

Any thing that really is effective or useful is out dated quickly! Things change every day on social sites, some times even several times in one day! If I was to publish a ebook about every thing I know, by the time you read it, most of the stuff in it has already changed!

Now get this, Michelle who has admitted more then once that she is *not* a social marketing expert, suddenly wants to publish a ebook about it. Right along the time that “Free Adder” program she promoted to us. More on free adder later! Sounds like she is slipping back in to the social marketing game, nothing wrong with that.


Damn straight you should be! Is this another Marketing the Marketers technique. What do you think you will find in this ebook, paid or free? Well Michelle says..

"The guide covers generating traffic and backlinks via social media outlets.
Page count is irrelevant, as most higher page count ebooks are 90% filler with about
5-10 pages of actual actionable content.  This is step-by-step,
"Go to site x and do Y."  Having finished the steps in the Checklist,
you will have hundreds of backlinks for your site."

The funny part is that she got some people telling her they can’t wait for it, and she should charge no less then $60 for it!

Who are these people? LMAO!

Any way all I did was suggest she give it away for free simply because it would be dated quickly, and if it was of any real value she wouldn’t be asking for price points! And I get deleted!>

Now if I simply praised her efforts and claimed I couldn’t wait for her guide, she would be happy and I would not have been deleted. But I do not stroke her ego. I told it like it is!


I never censor on my blog. I don’t believe in it. You can say any thing about any thing, as long as your not trying to spam my blog and are contributing you will get heard!

The only time that I do any censorship is if a person really over does it in a personal attack or tries to post sensitive personal information about some one else.

While I am against censorship, I also support your private rights too!

I’ve had another run in with Michelle and accused of some stupid shit, frankly I’m tired of apologizing to her and her staff. They are obviously way too sensitive and easily offended. I do not like feeling like I have to walk around egg shells. If your a Internet Marketer you can NOT be so sensitive. You must realize not every one will be the same as you or have the same opinions, and some may even criticize you!


You can bet your sweet google I will be following this topic and reporting on Free Adder and what ever else follows too.

And you can also be assured that I will be totally honest, unbiased, and will not censor your posts.


UPDATE: Michelle just dropped me as a affiliate from Revolution Tit.

No problem Michelle, I never made any money from any of your products so its no big loss for either of us.

Can’t wait for you Social Guide so I can review it here on Army of Blogs!

SEO PR SEM Marketing



No, seo is not dead, just not as important as it use to be accept for Page Rank Watchers, God Bless their souls. Some times people ask me how can army of blogs which is 3 years old, and fairly well known only have a PR3? Well just for the record army of blogs had a PR5 for a brief period after being just a little over a year old, but after several changes by google dropped to a PR3 last year. And I use to be one of those damn PR watchers too, counting down the days to the next google update, aggressively applying seo to my pages, bla, bla, bla, and more bla!

Here is what I learned. It was not worth all my time and energy! Even playing by google’s rules, army of blogs has always been completely white hat, and still is! I can not, and will not run my business to every search engine. WTF is that all about? Think about it for a minute. Who’s running the show? I AM! I could give a rat’s ass what google ranks me, I do not have to rely on seo to stay in business, never have. I been in business long before google, and I will be in business long after google!

Army of Blogs is a labor of love. Although it deals in many areas related to seo, it was never about seo, in fact just check my old pages or about me and you will see, I never preach seo, this is a marketing site. If you want seo, just go to one of the zillion pages all dedicated to seo. If your looking for marketing information, then you come to the right place.


I use to hang out at a lot of seo forums in the beginning, I too was a seo nerd, but realized early on, seo is a waste of time. Blackhat is a much better way to go. About the only thing seo “specialists” can agree on is things always change in seo. NO SHIT?! I even tried following Matt Cutts advice too! What a bull shit artist he is! Matt claims that if you just forget about seo and concentrate on quality original content, the rest will just happen. Yea right. Dream on! That is exactly what I have been doing on army of blogs since day one! I continue to get penalized for it from google! But Matt does have it half right. I suggest you just forget about seo and search engines and concentrate on quality work for your main sites. Leave seo for all your blackhat sites! SEO works best when done blackhat style!

I can’t tell you what a relief it has been for me the past two of the three years not worrying about PR or search engines here on army of blogs. I don’t keep up with google’s stupid PR updates, or worry about seo at all. I just work my blog. Some how people find it. I use army of blogs as a information site. The information here is valuable and it’s free. If you can find me, your in for a treat. If you can’t find me, well I’m not out of any thing, because this is simply a labor of love for me. Do you really think I’ve been able to stay in business from just my reviews and affiliate links? This blog is here to keep you informed! If it can make some money too, well thats great, and a nice bonus, but not it’s primary purpose! I have other projects that make money for me. Army of Blogs is here to warn you of bull shit artists, crappy Internet Marketers, and also inform you of real methods that work! This is what this site is about. Let’s face it, not every company can deliver Medical SEO that is effective, not every Plastic Surgery SEO is effective, and not every Miami SEO is the real deal. We are here to help.

But I’m no angel. I do have pages and blogs devoted entirely to scrape search engine traffic, and they break every rule in the google book. They are on total auto pilot, I don’t care if they crash and burn, all are disposable. Guess what? Those little mothers get higher PR then army of blogs! So there is your seo value for you! I simply do not have the time to worry about PR, google, or any of that shit. SEO has never made me the most money any way. It has always been marketing. And with all those web 2.0 and social sites, you don’t even need google to scrape traffic from any more!

So there you have it. The reason army of blogs is PR3 is because I do not play the seo game here, or apply any BH techniques here. This is a labor of love. I am sick to death of seo and rarely ever use any seo.

Response To Mike Filsaime Recurring Strategy


Army Of Blogs Response To Mike Filsaimine’s Latest Web 2.o Promotion

Recurring Membership Strategy &

By Bud Wiser

First of all I want to be perfectly clear on one thing with you. I consider Mike Filsaimine one of the greatest and brightest Internet Marketers around! I have nothing but the highest respect for him! But even the brightest minds can be wrong some times! This is Army of Blogs Response to Mike Filisaimine’s latest email promotion he sent out which he titled, “You have a Video Message from Mike Filsaime” Kudos for using a video! But the message was flawed!

I have been involved in Internet Marketing since 1996. Before that I was aggressively involved in sales and promotions! Sales is in my blood, and my first love! I began my sales carrier as a vacuum cleaner salesman! Zig Ziggler was my idol! So right or wrong, I am qualified to give you my opinion why Mike is wrong in his latest message.

It’s not that Mike is completely wrong, in fact I cou;dn’t agree with him more on some points, such as the importance of web 2.0 and community driven sites! Where he totally looses me is on his assumption that selling recurring services is the way to go! That selling a recurring is just as easy as selling a one time purchase. I can not disagree any stronger to this! WRONG!!!


Any one who tries to tell you that selling recurring services is just as easy as one time purchases either has no real idea of consumer marketing or is on crack cocaine, which just happens to be a successful recurring business.

Here are the cold facts. Consumers HATE recurring memberships! One time sales are much easier sells!

Here are some important factors to consider. First of all every one no matter how big their business is or how small their business is all operate on a budget. That budget already consists of way too many recurring charges! Hosting, registrations for domains, membership sites, forums, services, and then there are the more common ones, mortgage, utilities, phones, cable, cars, gas, then there are office related ones, printer paper, ink, computer related supplies. The list goes on and on!

Now even if you are not a Internet Marketer, you also operate on a budget! What Mike and others will have you believe is you can sell consumers MORE recurring services just as easy, yes they say just as easy, as one time sales!

People on budgets will have more money to spend on some months and thats when they buy more things, but rarely more recrring services, unless they have too.

But there is another serious flaw with this idea. That is lets say that most IMer’s accept this or give it a try, and in the next few months we are bombarded with all these new recurring service, membership sites. Do you really think it will be “just as easy to sell recurring as one time sales”?

There are exceptions to this of course. There will always be exceptions. But these exceptions are not the norm! Some sites will always be successful to some degree with recurring service. Mostly info sites, and tech sites. The only other market that sees great success with recurring is the Adult Entertainment market. I am also involved with the Adult biz and have been for many years. I know it inside out. Even here, those that see the greatest success are those that offer FREE trials that automatically convert to recurring if they do not cancel by a certain date. Those that do convert to recurring stay on for a average of 2 to 3 months. Most cancel the first month! Still sites that offer the GREATEST show and updates see the best success. Most fail!

So back to our neck of the woods. Ask yourself this question. Why would some one want to pay a recurring fee? Most every thing we do see and read is available for free! It’s hard enough to get a one time sale! Well if you offer some thing that is not easily available, and is needed, you will see some success! A recent example was TrackBack Spider! It sold out in 18 hours! It was a recurring, but it offered a real way to make real money! It was in high demand! There lies the key! DEMAND!

You can on rare occasion create demand, but don’t bank on it! It’s much better and easier if the demand is already there!

If you would like to read’s sales pitch, be my guest. It’s loaded with half truths and exaggeration, and wishful thinking. But there are some truths in there too. Buried deep in between all the crap. This plan will only work if you can provide a service or product that is in demand, and there are no one time sales services or products that offer the same thing, and also if you can offer new updates and improvements to keep your recurred for longer then 1 month!

Membershipsitebootcamp is a prime example of attempting to create a demand for some thing that is not there yet. It targets IMer’s looking for the next big thing! It’s like the Adsense Empire sellers that claim you can make millions from adsense! You can, by selling ebooks and courses on “how to do it”! In reality, adsense sucks, the best way to make money off adsense is to sell some shit to IMer’s! You may even be able to sell them on a recurring plan too! LOL

Sorry Mike, I felt it my duty to provide a more balanced report on this. I still consider you one of the brightest marketers out there! But this was not one of your best examples I would use.

To the rest of you out there looking for the next big thing. Keep looking! But I do agree community driven sites, and web 2.0, and videos is the wave of the future. Concentrate on providing quality service, and if you do try recurring, you better be able to provide incentive for your members to stick around longer then one month!

Currently most consumers would rather NOT join another recurring service if they do not have too. The greatest success to web 2.0 and community driven sites is the fact that they are free! A point missed on membershipbuttheadcamp.

Screencasting Video Using Camtasia


Camtasia For Screencasting Video’s

Theres been a lot of hype about infomercials, promotional videos, and videos for Internet marketing. Some are offering ebooks, courses, and memberships to show you how to cash in the “big bucks”, translated, BullShit!

But to be perfectly honest, video marketing is indeed a very powerful and popular media. Whether you use it for promotions, infomercials, tutorials, demo’s, or any thing to promote a service or product. Video’s is a great way to do it! BUT you do not have to spend a small fortune to do it! Every thing that is offered in all those ebooks, courses, and membership services can be found for FREE on the Internet! This article will address screencasting using the popular Camtasia Studio software program.

Camtasia is a great program, sells for $299, but you can get the OEM version for $30, and even cracked for free. Obviously $300 is a lot of money to spend for something you may or may not use a lot. Thank God for OEM and cracks! This way you can try it out for longer then the trial period and see if it’s some thing you want to spend $300 on. If it is, I strongly suggest you fork out the cash and buy a registered version because you can not get updates or support from oem or cracks! I can tell you that if your going to be doing screencasting, Camtasia is definitely worth the $300!


Camtasia is a very powerful feature rich program yet very easy to use with a minimum learning curve! You can make your first video in just minutes after firing up the program! There are many video tutorials and guides provided by the makers of Camtasia, and a decent FAQ section. All 100% free! You won’t need a ebook, course, or membership to start making your own screencasting videos!

Some of the uses for software like this is to make tutorials, demos, and infomercials. And if you have a grain of imagination and some talent, you can benefit from this media! What I did was create a really very simple clip of me using FriendBlaster Pro using the latest version of Camtasia, and I uploaded on YouTube. I could have saved the clip as a flash file or other formats if I wanted to. But I personally think incorporating this technology with YouTube is just plain smart marketing. A great tip free of charge! Click Here to see my crude sample clip.

I will be following up with some better marketing ideas on how to use screencasting AND YouTube! Free of charge of course! Hope this post at least gets you thinking. Videos is definitely a powerful media, and you should learn how to use it as part of your Internet marketing arsenal! Just don’t be fooled in to believing it is a silver bullet or that you need a special course to do it, total bullshit! It’s a tool and method you can easily learn how to use on your own. All the information you need is available for free! You can depend on Army of Blogs to keep you on the right path, minus the bullshit!

Digital Video Recorders


MiniDV or SD Flash Cards?

A look at three different camcorders and formats to consider for making videos for the web!

Here is a quick look at the Sony PC110, Aiptek 5 MP, and Sanyo C6! This is simpy a introduction report and will also include more links to test videos, more reports and guides! So check it out!

Other formats to consider are DVD and HardDrive camcorders.

Army Of Bots!



I am in the process of launching yet another new web site called Army of Bots! A premium web site featuring news, reviews and articles of not only the bots, but also the social sites, all the social sites. Many of them you probably didn’t even knew existed! Unlike army of blogs where I followed a more raw style of writing, Army of Bots will follow a more cleaner <cough> respectable style.

It will feature static pages and dynamic pages, a blog, and private forum too. Only the forum will be closed to the general public, the rest will be open for all. In the general pages open for all I will describe and introduce to you every social site in existance. What will work and what will not work, and how you can get a custom bot made for any social you want!

In addition to custom bots I will also continue to review and follow all the leading commercial bots with reviews and techniques and methods to use! In the private forum which will be subscription based you can expect a higher level of techniques and methods, tips and tricks, and also users will be able to communicate about subjects that are kept at a higher level of trust! In short there will be some thing for every one. And I can assure you that you can expect the highest quality and most informative resource on the web!

It seemed only fitting that I name this site Army of Bots! I’ve used the term so loosely many times before I figured I better register it now! As for Army Of Blogs, it will continue to be the main source for Internet marketing and automation. The first resource ever devoted to bots and automation for blogs will continue to review programs and interview movers and shakers in this market and also report major news in other areas too!

Making Videos Part One


Making Videos Part 1: What Tools You Need!

In this article I will discuss some of the basic tools or programs you need to make simple videos for YouTube, Google or Yahoo Videos, or any online video service.

You will find much talk about videos and youtube but very little useful information on exactly *how* to do it. Army of Blogs has been a major resource for not only reviews, but also providing you with information you can use. Over the past 3 years Army of Blogs has been covering every thing that is hot. From Blog and Ping days to RSS To Blog days, to MySpace days, and now videos!

Army of Blogs is not just for blackhats, it’s for all Internet marketers. It’s one of the few places on the Internet you can come and hear the real deal with no bull shit whatsoever. Revealing many techniques and methods just simply not covered in detail any where else. Along with step by step guides, and special ezines. Now lets look at what you need in your tool box for making videos.

Whether you make a video from scratch, or slide show, or clips, or grab a sponsors video and edit it, you need to understand some very basic proceedures and what programs will help you get the job done. Basically all you will be doing is compiling a video(s) and adding your website url to it. This can be done in most video editing software programs like Ulead’s Studio 8, but there is a learning curve involved. You should learn how to edit videos, but I will now show you the easiest way to do all that.

There are a few programs I rely on for videos. Yes I use editing software, but most of the time I do not, and rely on programs that are just easier and faster to use. Here are the basic programs.

Replay A/V – for grabbing any video on line and saving it to your hard drive. Youtube, google, yahoo, any video. It takes the flash FLV format that these services use and converts them to any media format like MOV. This is a very useful tool!

Watermark Master – is the easiest and fastest way to add your text to videos. You can also use it to blur a section of the video, and other effects. For example, lets say you make a video and you want to blur a section of that video that includes information you don’t want known, like personal inforamtion. I use it mostly to add URLS on the bottom of the videos.

Replay Converter – is a great little media file converter! You can convert almost any media format to any media format. As you get started in videos you will see the benefit for this little gem!

Ulead Studio – Ulead is a cheap alternative to full video editing and offer a complete line of programs. With Studio 11 you can even make your own DVD’s. This may be a over kill for people who simply want to make some videos for YouTube, and there is a slight learning curve. You can’t just open the program and start with out some tutorials and practice.

The basic idea here is to create a video that may be popular or requested a lot. Thats how we get our traffic. But you really should upload your videos to as many sites as possible. Do not rely on just youtube! I hope you realize the major advantage to such programs as Video Blaster Pro that will submit your videos to 16 such video services automating a great deal of the task!

I think this is the bare minimum you need to get started right away! Of course the best tool will not be YouTube, it will be *YOU*! I can not teach you how to be a good marketer. Marketing is by far the hardest part to master! It takes time and experience. No ebook or program can do that part for you, it requires talent! It also requires a open mind, trial and error, patience, and creativity!

Here is a sample video using Replay A/V and Watermark Master that was uploaded on Yahoo Video. It really is a bigger game then just YouTube! Hope you like Ali Larter! I want to cover the hardware end of this next, so stay tune for more news you can actually use!