Clever Myspace Marketing

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Yes another myspace article, sorry but there really is nothing else new to report on yet that is worth reporting on! As soon as I have some thing I will post it! In the mean time here is some clever myspace marketing for you to digest!

There are different ways to market myspace. The most basic and simplest is to create as many accounts as you can handle, add as many friends as you can, and promote some kind of affiliate product or service that yields the best conversion for you. Another way is to sell myspace accounts either on ebay or forums. If your lucky you can find a deal and buy 1000 accounts for only $30.

There are many methods used to market on myspace. Brute force, where you simply create mega accounts and friends and spam away or sell them, or a more targeted approach. The targeted approach is slick. You can target either age groups, sex, or number of friends a profile has. This approach is much more clever. For example, if you target bands, who just happen to be some of the biggest spammers on myspace, and have huge friends lists, your just about guaranteed good exposure if you post regular “real” comments that won’t be deleted.

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Let’s face it, myspace looks the other way for bands. They have huge lists of people that visit their pages, and people they regularly communicate with through comments, messages and bulletins. By simply keeping a regular presence on their comments page, you will get regular traffic that you really did not spam for! There are tons of bands too! But in order for this to work good, you must appear to be a real fan. A nice sexy profile picture of a girl, and your good to go! The idea here is to just be a fan, and other fans will visit your myspace page where you have your own special links.

This is just one example of targeted marketing, there are many other ways too! In fact there is a great new program that can help you specifically target and create much more razor sharp lists to use. The name of the program is Friends Manager. All it does is sort, filter and clean your lists any way you want and export them to use on most myspace bots! Definitely worth looking at!

Speaking of myspace bots!

I was talking to some prominent bot owners and have some news to share with you. Tim from Adderrobot tells me he will be releasing a killer youtube bot soon and I am looking forward to it. He has absolutely no plans to release another myspace bot.

I do have some really exciting news. A new bot is about to be released commercially with in the next week called, Evil Adder! This is suppose to be a really powerful bot that is suppose to even out perform adderrobot which has been the serious marketers choice. My sources tell me this will be a winsock bot with great capabilities! More on this later!

In other news, Friend Blaster Pro has released a new unlimited accounts version bot! FBP is a browser based bot which I will be reviewing soon!

Some people have decided to go with custom bots and don’t mind paying more for them. These are the guys who really do serious numbers on myspace. These bots are not commercially available and will never be. In order to get one, you either need to hire a coder and have one made for you, or know the right person willing to sell you a copy of theirs.

I realize I’ve been doing a lot of coverage on myspace, and some of you may be put off on that. But I assure you that it is not at the expense of passing up other news or reviews! I still plan on reviewing the trackback spam program and the new vSearch-Voodoo program when they are made available to me. But I am not exaggerating when I say that there is real money to be made on myspace! I will be expanding my coverage to include youtube, Hi5, and Friendster. Of the bunch, youtube shows the greatest potential! Michelle MacPhearson (badder adder) has a great ebook on youtube productions if your interested in the technical marketing end of it. Tube Traffic has been getting rave reviews! I also expect Tim’s (Adderrobot) new YouTube bot to be a serious piece of software! And by the way, I know of one more new YouTube bot that will be surfacing soon too!

So taking every thing that has happened in perspective, 3 myspace bots have shut down, but there are like dozens of other bots still out there, and more coming too! And even a underground level of bots you will not hear about! Any one that tells you myspace marketing is dead, does not have a clue how big it still is.