Registerfly Train Wreck!

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This is very big news, and really bad news for 1000’s of webmasters who have domains registered with Registerfly has always had support issues, but it has finally derailed! They can no longer renew any domains! Also, they are trying to assume ownership of a lot of domains by changing the dns to point to other websites! They are not responding to any support tickets! The going ons at registerfly has been called a “Train Wreck” by Newsweek!┬áICANN┬áis offering to help webmasters having prblems with registerfly.

I have over 60 domains with registerfly and I am scrambling to get my most important ones transfered right away! I have lost dozens of domains already because I could not renew them on time! Registerfly has changed the dns on some of my domains to point to other web sites! All of my support tickets have gone unanswered! They took my money to renew, but nothing happens! Their control panel does not reflect accurate information any more! They show domains that expired that have not expired, and some that have expired and show they have not expired. I am totally pissed off about this! This is perhaps the biggest Internet disaster that ever happened!

IF YOU HAVE ANY DOMAINS WITH REGISTERFLY YOU SHOULD TRY TO TRANSFER THEM TO ANOTHER REGISTRANT ASAP! has a special domain transfer rate just for registerfly users! Don’t wait too long!