Forum Equalizer

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Finally a new program to discuss! Forum Equalizer is by Rod Beckwith. If you don’t recognize the name, I’m sure you will be fimilar with some of his other products, Press Equalizer, Instant Article Submitter, and the all time great, Traffic Equalizer! If you could not make any money from TE, you might as well forget about it! A lot of people made a lot of money with TE! It wa *the* program to have at one time! But times have changed, and so has our techniques!

Forum Equalizer uses a different technique to create more one way links for you and to get more traffic by mass posting to forums. Unlike previous programs that posted to forums where it was a hit or miss, and mostly a miss, FE is much more targeted. It posts to forums that allow advertising! 85 targeted forums that you can mass post to from your PC.

You can consider this as a pre-review. I have not been using FE long enough to provide a more in depth review yet. But I am very confident about any of Rod’s programs! I suggest you check it out too. Like all of Rod’s programs, FE is very easy to use, rock solid, and no doubt effective!

Update: I am loving it! There will definitely be a full review coming soon!