Friend Blaster Pro Review!

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Friend Blaster Pro┬áis one of the few myspace bots still on the market willing to stand up against myspace for their right to market a perfectly legal piece of software. This program breaks no Federal, State, or International laws! It simply automates your myspace activity. How you want to use it is up to you. You can use it sparringly, wisely, or you can use it to spam. You can do the same thing with out this program or any bot, ultimately it’s the end users who decide what they want to do. Not bot owners, and not even myspace.

I had the privilege to test out and use Friend Blaster Pro (FBP). I was not able to review it right away so it sat on my desktop for a week. During that time there were 3 upgrades for it! The version I am writing about is version 6.6, by the time you read this there could be a newer version, but don’t worry, this is a smart program, it lets you know there is a new upgrade, and can upload it and install it for you!


FBP is loaded with the features that make promoting your band or yourself very easily. It is also rock solid! It is NOT a copycat of any other bot out there. While certainly you may see simular in design or layout, such things is really unavoidable. Unlike copycats programs, FBP is build from the ground up to be original. If Badder Adder and Space Station were still on the market, Friend Blaster Pro would bury both of them, that’s how good it is! But in all fairness to SS, we will never really know how much better it could have got if it was not forced off the web by myspace.