Archives: April 2007

May Buzz Report

The Buzz Report: May Issue Update: The release of the latest and most anticipated Buzz Report will be out by the first week of May. You must be a registered subscriber to our newsletter to get the Buzz Report! The Buzz Report will only be made available through the next newsletter, also due first week in

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Buzz Report Special Edition

NEWS UPDATE: Latest Buzz Report Issue Coming Soon! I am working on the next newsletter, which will also include a link to a new issue of the notorious Buzz Report ezine, not available any where else accept thru my newsletter. The Buzz Report is not released regularly, and contains red hot news you either won’t

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Custom Bootlegs And Cracked Bots

Are Custom Made Bots Better? There has been a increase in availability of custom bots, and the prices have come down too! But are they worth the extra bucks? Typically a MS custom bot will cost you between $65 to $125 if it’s pretty basic. What you get is a winsock bot capable of not

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