Custom Bootlegs And Cracked Bots

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Are Custom Made Bots Better?

There has been a increase in availability of custom bots, and the prices have come down too! But are they worth the extra bucks? Typically a MS custom bot will cost you between $65 to $125 if it’s pretty basic. What you get is a winsock bot capable of not only defeating the captcha, you also get SPEED! Lots of speed. With the ability of running several sockets at a time, you can send 450 request to one account in about a minute, or 450 requests out simultaneously to say 250 accounts in about 10 to 20 minutes! The reason it takes longer on more accounts is there are other factors to consider. How many sockets does the bot offer? How well MS is sunning? And how many of those accounts just got deleted by MS.


In my opinion, the extra speed you get with these bots certainly make them worth the bucks! But they are NOT for every one, only serious players! If your just a casual ms player, just about any commercial bot will work for you! They run slower and more prong to stalling and need for regular updates. Most are browser version, and the best browser version is Friend Blaster Pro (see my review). There are at least two other different style programs, winsock which was how Adder Robot was built, and was easily hands down the fasted adder on the commercial market! The program is still heavily in use by many players. It’s much faster then commercial browser bots, but not as fast as the latest crop of custom bots that also use winsock. Then there is Easy Adder, not a browser or winsock! It’s speed is about the same as browser bots, not as fast as winsock. The advantages to easy adder is it’s still probably more bot then the casual players need! It can defeat the captcha, and has chaining. It’s a great adder for most players and makes a great backup for serious players, and it’s dirt cheap!