May Buzz Report

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The Buzz Report: May Issue

Update: The release of the latest and most anticipated Buzz Report will be out by the first week of May. You must be a registered subscriber to our newsletter to get the Buzz Report! The Buzz Report will only be made available through the next newsletter, also due first week in May. Rather then post a newsletter and the Buzz Report simultaneously I decided to skip the usual release of the newsletter this time. Instead subscribers to the newsletter will receive a email with download instructions for the Buzz Report.

Whats In The Buzz Report?

Aside from being one of the most controversial ezines in existence, this issue will have some extra surprises! It’s not my practice to discuss the details of what’s in the Buzz Report publicly, accept to say it includes information not made publicly. I will tell you some key features in this issue of the Buzz. This issue is mostly about MS marketing as it is the best available method at this time!

1. MySpace Bot’s (custom, and cracked)
2. MySpace Guide (how to stay below the radar and still make money!)
3. Links to Free Stuff! (things you can use others had to pay for!)
4. Tips on how to best use popular commercial bots!
5. Link to the secret Army of Blogs mIRC channel!

This is my way of saying thanks to all of my regular readers and supporters of Army of Blogs! Rather then charge money for membership to private forums or ezines, I offer this for free, but only to those who are members, which is free. Please note, back issues of the buzz are not available! Download links are removed in 24 hours! The PDF file is password protected! This is only available for members only, for limited time! After it passes, I will not give out any more copies of the may issue.