Buddy Promoter New Bot On The Block!

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The Swiss Army Knife MySpace Bot!

By Bud Wiser

I am currently reviewing a new bot called Buddy Promoter. This is a do it all bot. It can create accounts, it’s a adder, messenger, and can even post on your myspace blogs too! This is just to let you know that Buddy Promoter is NOT a vaporware, scam, or fly by night program. It’s real! It is the only account creator, adder, poster I know of! I will be posting a full in depth full review of it very soon!

Up until now there has been only rumors and forum posts about Buddy Promoter. There has not been any official review of it until now! I will set the story straight once and for all!

One feature of Buddy Promoter I am very excited about is it’s ability to post on your myspace blogs! I have only seen this feature once before on a pricey custom made bot not available to the general public. As far as I know Buddy Promoter is the first commercial bot to include this feature! And what a feature it is too!

Imagine the SEO value of being able to create hundreds of unique one way backlinks for your other web sites and rss blogs! You can also use this feature like days of old for blog and ping to get new sites indexed faster! The results as you regular marketers already know is increased PageRank on Google! More on this later!

It’s obvious to me looking at Buddy Promoter that a lot of thought went in to the design of it. This is a full featured program. I’m so glad to be the one that can finally break the story about this program here on Army of Blogs! There has been so many different things said about BP on various forums. News spread by word of mouth is not always accurate, truthful, fair or honest. Forget what you may have heard about Buddy Promoter. You are about to get the whole story from me! Stay Tune for more!