Archives: June 2007

Dragon Friend Adder

The Dragon Comes To The Resue! Not sure what is going on over at Buddy Promoter. Four days after myspace recent change that effected login has left BP useless, and while every other bot has updated for this, BP has not! Also, with the recent ms change, it has crippled our long time champ Adder

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Tubeinator Preview

New YouTube Bot: Tubeinator It looks like I will be reviewing Tubeinator after all. Although Michelle would not give up a free copy of her $49 program to me so I could review it, the number of requests and enquirers I received did warrant me to purchase it. It will also be beneficial for you to read

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WTF Is Trackback Spam?

A New Trackback Spam Program! Trackback Generator By Joseph Tierney Ladies and gentlemen, fellow blackhats and spammers, it gives me great pleasure to announce another new Trackback spam program by a name I’m sure you will recognize. Joseph Tierney, long time black hat and notorious myspace guru will be releasing his latest contribution to the

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