How To Make Video’s For Youtube

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Video Marketing 101

We hear a lot about YouTube and for good reason, it’s a goldmine! Bigger then myspace it has a gigantic audience and user base that can be used to get traffic or affiliate marketing. We hear from so-called “experts” who try to sell us their programs or ebooks all the time how easy it is to get a flood of traffic and make big bucks. Total bullshit I assure you. They are just promoting their program, bot, or ebook, You come to Army of Blogs to get the real story and so you shall once again.


Now we can discuss the topic with out pollution, lies, or exaggerations. What I am about to share with you is what those so-called experts either have no clue or simply want to keep this a secret. Doesn’t matter, fuck them, you don’t need their ebooks. They make their money peddling ebooks and programs! The real money makers on youtube simply don’t care to share the methods or techniques.


Ok, first thing first. If your planning on scarfing up traffic from simply creating accounts, adding friends, and sending comments, your in for a rude awaking. While you can make a decent showing if you devote all your time to this, it’s virtually a waste of time. The real traffic comes from the videos, not the adds or comments.

I know a couple of verry shrewd marketers who make out like bandits from uploading videos! This is where the real show is and where you should be considering marketing. Leave the comment spam for wannabes, welcome to the real world of youtube marketing!

You should also be aware that it’s not just youtube we are targeting! There are 16 video sharing services you can be uploading your vids to instantly! More on this later! For now lets concentrate on the videos! How do you make a video, and what makes some videos sky rocket with plays and others fail? The biggest mistake you can make is to make a video about your product! You have just narrowed your audience to a very small percentage (idiot!). You want to grab the mainstream, some thing that most people will want to watch! Some thing that will be saved as a favorite, passed on to friends in emails, and just become popular and fun to watch!

Comedy is a great theme, so are some semi adult related clips. Go to far in the direction of porn and you will get deleted in one hour! But safer just happens to be better for us any way! Do some research. Find what some of the most popular and most viewed vids are, and borrow their theme or at the very least their keywords and title! But that’s not enough, remember, your video has to be good too!

So how do you make a video? You can use any DV camcorder and editing software to do this. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money on a DV recorder or software! Used will work too, and you can even find free software too! This method takes some time, and there is a learning curve for editing your videos.

A much faster and better way is to invest in a DV recorder that records on DVD’s or Flash! These recorders are easy to use and transferring the vids to your computer for uploading is quick and easy too! Less of a learning curve and faster! If your dying to test the waters in the least expensive way, and still the fastest, here is a inexpensive solution.