WTF Is Trackback Spam?

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A New Trackback Spam Program!

Trackback Generator By Joseph Tierney

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow blackhats and spammers, it gives me great pleasure to announce another new Trackback spam program by a name I’m sure you will recognize. Joseph Tierney, long time black hat and notorious myspace guru will be releasing his latest contribution to the aggressive marketing community very soon, called Trackback Generator.

Who is Joseph Tierney you ask? Well if you have to ask it means you are either fairly new to Internet Marketing, or have Alzheimer’s disease! Joe is the maker of Blogger Generator which helped revolutionize how we blog! If that wasn’t enough, he was also one of the early pioneers to help establish myspace as a strong marketing platform with one of the first myspace account creators, Space Promoter! Where has Joe been lately? No doubt he has been keeping a very low profile in some undisclosed location! It’s good to see Joe resurface above ground again and with a great new program that will definitely shake up the marketing community a little!

If you missed out on Trackback Spider before it sold out in less then 48 hours! You will have another chance to break in to the wonderful art of trackback spam. However do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste too much time deciding on Trackback Generator, as this will also be a limited offer. And when a black hat tells you it’s limited, you can bet your sweet google it will be limited. It’s no marketing trick! Trackback is hot, the techniques and methods used very effective, and they simply do not want to over saturate the market with TB spam.

Trackback Generator will be a stand alone desktop program you purchase. No recurring monthly charges like Trackback Spider. There are pros and cons to each. No one likes recurring charges, but usually as in the case with Trackback Spider, you get your monies worth! And generally with a program this good, your one time charge such as Trackback Generator may be higher then you would like it to be. No price has been announced yet. I will report more news on Trackback Generator as it develops. If you were sitting on the fence over Trackback Spider, you will get another chance very soon. If you don’t know what Trackback Spam is, or have Alzheimer’s disease, don’t worry about it. By the time you get a clear picture, this will be sold out too.