Dragon Friend Adder

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The Dragon Comes To The Resue!

Not sure what is going on over at Buddy Promoter. Four days after myspace recent change that effected login has left BP useless, and while every other bot has updated for this, BP has not!

Also, with the recent ms change, it has crippled our long time champ Adder Robot! It can login however it can not scan for new ID’s! This does not leave the AR users in a good place. Many marketers have been using AR because it was simply the best friend adder on the market! Winsock multi threader that was very fast!


The creator of Buddy Promoter just happens to have his own web site. He is not associated with the folks who sold buddy promoter. He is the programmer and sold them the rights to sell buddy promoter. He was not responcible for updating or up keeping BP, they were. But because he is the programmer and creator of that script he has a whole line of similar bots for sale! All winsock and multi threading! And unlike the BP design of all in one, his bots are seperate bots, so you can buy just what you need or want! I was very impressed with his line up and pricing!

I would like to introduce you to the Dragon! The Dragon Friend Adder bot that is! This bot can be a direct replacement for adderrobot! It is a multi threading winsock friend adder with lightning speed! It’s fucking fast! And it has a built in id scanner. This bot looks very much like the friend adder portion of BP but with a major improvement. You can see the progress of each post! And oh yea, Dragon updates regularly and you are dealing directly with the programmer!

Now this baby sells for $59.99 and before you bitch over the price you better shut up and listen. The Dragon Friend Adder is just as good as any custom or private bot selling for $100 or more! IT’S A MULTI THREADER! WITH REGULAR UPDATES!

I strongly suggest you vist the Dragon and check out all the other bots too! I will be reviewing each one! Also, there will be MORE coming too! Hi5, and other social sites! Need a custom made bot? NP! Just ask the dragon!You just made a great new find! USE IT!