Making Videos Part One

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Making Videos Part 1: What Tools You Need!

In this article I will discuss some of the basic tools or programs you need to make simple videos for YouTube, Google or Yahoo Videos, or any online video service.

You will find much talk about videos and youtube but very little useful information on exactly *how* to do it. Army of Blogs has been a major resource for not only reviews, but also providing you with information you can use. Over the past 3 years Army of Blogs has been covering every thing that is hot. From Blog and Ping days to RSS To Blog days, to MySpace days, and now videos!

Army of Blogs is not just for blackhats, it’s for all Internet marketers. It’s one of the few places on the Internet you can come and hear the real deal with no bull shit whatsoever. Revealing many techniques and methods just simply not covered in detail any where else. Along with step by step guides, and special ezines. Now lets look at what you need in your tool box for making videos.

Whether you make a video from scratch, or slide show, or clips, or grab a sponsors video and edit it, you need to understand some very basic proceedures and what programs will help you get the job done. Basically all you will be doing is compiling a video(s) and adding your website url to it. This can be done in most video editing software programs like Ulead’s Studio 8, but there is a learning curve involved. You should learn how to edit videos, but I will now show you the easiest way to do all that.

There are a few programs I rely on for videos. Yes I use editing software, but most of the time I do not, and rely on programs that are just easier and faster to use. Here are the basic programs.

Replay A/V – for grabbing any video on line and saving it to your hard drive. Youtube, google, yahoo, any video. It takes the flash FLV format that these services use and converts them to any media format like MOV. This is a very useful tool!

Watermark Master – is the easiest and fastest way to add your text to videos. You can also use it to blur a section of the video, and other effects. For example, lets say you make a video and you want to blur a section of that video that includes information you don’t want known, like personal inforamtion. I use it mostly to add URLS on the bottom of the videos.

Replay Converter – is a great little media file converter! You can convert almost any media format to any media format. As you get started in videos you will see the benefit for this little gem!

Ulead Studio – Ulead is a cheap alternative to full video editing and offer a complete line of programs. With Studio 11 you can even make your own DVD’s. This may be a over kill for people who simply want to make some videos for YouTube, and there is a slight learning curve. You can’t just open the program and start with out some tutorials and practice.

The basic idea here is to create a video that may be popular or requested a lot. Thats how we get our traffic. But you really should upload your videos to as many sites as possible. Do not rely on just youtube! I hope you realize the major advantage to such programs as Video Blaster Pro that will submit your videos to 16 such video services automating a great deal of the task!

I think this is the bare minimum you need to get started right away! Of course the best tool will not be YouTube, it will be *YOU*! I can not teach you how to be a good marketer. Marketing is by far the hardest part to master! It takes time and experience. No ebook or program can do that part for you, it requires talent! It also requires a open mind, trial and error, patience, and creativity!

Here is a sample video using Replay A/V and Watermark Master that was uploaded on Yahoo Video. It really is a bigger game then just YouTube! Hope you like Ali Larter! I want to cover the hardware end of this next, so stay tune for more news you can actually use!