Uber’s Adder Robot Replacement

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All right are you ready for this? Just when you thought it was safe and you could relax, along comes yet another speed demon myspace friend adder! Every one knows that Adder Robot was simply hands down the best friend adder on the planet. What a lot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes the creator of AR was also working on a new version of AR, called Raptor at the time. It was going to be the next AR! But it never happened! To make a long story short, Uber bought the source code for Raptor!

Raptor was created by the same genius who created Adder Robot! Uber bought the source code! This is exciting news! Some of you may have a the privilege to get your hands on a unreleased from version of Raptor. You know how amazing that was! Well Uber has been busy the last 3 days working with the creator of AR (you know who that is!) and revamping it a bit! Just changing some code, the appearance is still the same as Raptor. What’s it called? You guessed it, Uber’s Multi Threading Friend Adder! It can be bought as a stand alone or bundled with the amazing Leet ID Scanner! Fucking amazing combo that is!

So how fast is it? Well it has the capability to run up to 100 sockets but unless you have a T1 line or greater, I doubt you can get passed 10 sockets with Cable or DSL! LOL! Yes, it’s that fast! The threads are user selectable! So start off with 4 and see what you can do Mario!

I test drove the early prototype called Raptor, and it was verry fast. It really can not get any faster then this unless you have a T1 line or greater! I’m looking forward to testing this baby out! you can expect a full review shortly! I just wanted to give all you folks a heads up on the latest and greatest news! So run, don’t walk over to Uber Bots now and take a test spin for yourself on the trial demo version.