Army Of Bots!

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I am in the process of launching yet another new web site called Army of Bots! A premium web site featuring news, reviews and articles of not only the bots, but also the social sites, all the social sites. Many of them you probably didn’t even knew existed! Unlike army of blogs where I followed a more raw style of writing, Army of Bots will follow a more cleaner <cough> respectable style.

It will feature static pages and dynamic pages, a blog, and private forum too. Only the forum will be closed to the general public, the rest will be open for all. In the general pages open for all I will describe and introduce to you every social site in existance. What will work and what will not work, and how you can get a custom bot made for any social you want!

In addition to custom bots I will also continue to review and follow all the leading commercial bots with reviews and techniques and methods to use! In the private forum which will be subscription based you can expect a higher level of techniques and methods, tips and tricks, and also users will be able to communicate about subjects that are kept at a higher level of trust! In short there will be some thing for every one. And I can assure you that you can expect the highest quality and most informative resource on the web!

It seemed only fitting that I name this site Army of Bots! I’ve used the term so loosely many times before I figured I better register it now! As for Army Of Blogs, it will continue to be the main source for Internet marketing and automation. The first resource ever devoted to bots and automation for blogs will continue to review programs and interview movers and shakers in this market and also report major news in other areas too!