Screencasting Video Using Camtasia

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Camtasia For Screencasting Video’s

Theres been a lot of hype about infomercials, promotional videos, and videos for Internet marketing. Some are offering ebooks, courses, and memberships to show you how to cash in the “big bucks”, translated, BullShit!

But to be perfectly honest, video marketing is indeed a very powerful and popular media. Whether you use it for promotions, infomercials, tutorials, demo’s, or any thing to promote a service or product. Video’s is a great way to do it! BUT you do not have to spend a small fortune to do it! Every thing that is offered in all those ebooks, courses, and membership services can be found for FREE on the Internet! This article will address screencasting using the popular Camtasia Studio software program.

Camtasia is a great program, sells for $299, but you can get the OEM version for $30, and even cracked for free. Obviously $300 is a lot of money to spend for something you may or may not use a lot. Thank God for OEM and cracks! This way you can try it out for longer then the trial period and see if it’s some thing you want to spend $300 on. If it is, I strongly suggest you fork out the cash and buy a registered version because you can not get updates or support from oem or cracks! I can tell you that if your going to be doing screencasting, Camtasia is definitely worth the $300!


Camtasia is a very powerful feature rich program yet very easy to use with a minimum learning curve! You can make your first video in just minutes after firing up the program! There are many video tutorials and guides provided by the makers of Camtasia, and a decent FAQ section. All 100% free! You won’t need a ebook, course, or membership to start making your own screencasting videos!

Some of the uses for software like this is to make tutorials, demos, and infomercials. And if you have a grain of imagination and some talent, you can benefit from this media! What I did was create a really very simple clip of me using FriendBlaster Pro using the latest version of Camtasia, and I uploaded on YouTube. I could have saved the clip as a flash file or other formats if I wanted to. But I personally think incorporating this technology with YouTube is just plain smart marketing. A great tip free of charge! Click Here to see my crude sample clip.

I will be following up with some better marketing ideas on how to use screencasting AND YouTube! Free of charge of course! Hope this post at least gets you thinking. Videos is definitely a powerful media, and you should learn how to use it as part of your Internet marketing arsenal! Just don’t be fooled in to believing it is a silver bullet or that you need a special course to do it, total bullshit! It’s a tool and method you can easily learn how to use on your own. All the information you need is available for free! You can depend on Army of Blogs to keep you on the right path, minus the bullshit!