Response To Mike Filsaime Recurring Strategy

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Army Of Blogs Response To Mike Filsaimine’s Latest Web 2.o Promotion

Recurring Membership Strategy &

By Bud Wiser

First of all I want to be perfectly clear on one thing with you. I consider Mike Filsaimine one of the greatest and brightest Internet Marketers around! I have nothing but the highest respect for him! But even the brightest minds can be wrong some times! This is Army of Blogs Response to Mike Filisaimine’s latest email promotion he sent out which he titled, “You have a Video Message from Mike Filsaime” Kudos for using a video! But the message was flawed!

I have been involved in Internet Marketing since 1996. Before that I was aggressively involved in sales and promotions! Sales is in my blood, and my first love! I began my sales carrier as a vacuum cleaner salesman! Zig Ziggler was my idol! So right or wrong, I am qualified to give you my opinion why Mike is wrong in his latest message.

It’s not that Mike is completely wrong, in fact I cou;dn’t agree with him more on some points, such as the importance of web 2.0 and community driven sites! Where he totally looses me is on his assumption that selling recurring services is the way to go! That selling a recurring is just as easy as selling a one time purchase. I can not disagree any stronger to this! WRONG!!!


Any one who tries to tell you that selling recurring services is just as easy as one time purchases either has no real idea of consumer marketing or is on crack cocaine, which just happens to be a successful recurring business.

Here are the cold facts. Consumers HATE recurring memberships! One time sales are much easier sells!

Here are some important factors to consider. First of all every one no matter how big their business is or how small their business is all operate on a budget. That budget already consists of way too many recurring charges! Hosting, registrations for domains, membership sites, forums, services, and then there are the more common ones, mortgage, utilities, phones, cable, cars, gas, then there are office related ones, printer paper, ink, computer related supplies. The list goes on and on!

Now even if you are not a Internet Marketer, you also operate on a budget! What Mike and others will have you believe is you can sell consumers MORE recurring services just as easy, yes they say just as easy, as one time sales!

People on budgets will have more money to spend on some months and thats when they buy more things, but rarely more recrring services, unless they have too.

But there is another serious flaw with this idea. That is lets say that most IMer’s accept this or give it a try, and in the next few months we are bombarded with all these new recurring service, membership sites. Do you really think it will be “just as easy to sell recurring as one time sales”?

There are exceptions to this of course. There will always be exceptions. But these exceptions are not the norm! Some sites will always be successful to some degree with recurring service. Mostly info sites, and tech sites. The only other market that sees great success with recurring is the Adult Entertainment market. I am also involved with the Adult biz and have been for many years. I know it inside out. Even here, those that see the greatest success are those that offer FREE trials that automatically convert to recurring if they do not cancel by a certain date. Those that do convert to recurring stay on for a average of 2 to 3 months. Most cancel the first month! Still sites that offer the GREATEST show and updates see the best success. Most fail!

So back to our neck of the woods. Ask yourself this question. Why would some one want to pay a recurring fee? Most every thing we do see and read is available for free! It’s hard enough to get a one time sale! Well if you offer some thing that is not easily available, and is needed, you will see some success! A recent example was TrackBack Spider! It sold out in 18 hours! It was a recurring, but it offered a real way to make real money! It was in high demand! There lies the key! DEMAND!

You can on rare occasion create demand, but don’t bank on it! It’s much better and easier if the demand is already there!

If you would like to read’s sales pitch, be my guest. It’s loaded with half truths and exaggeration, and wishful thinking. But there are some truths in there too. Buried deep in between all the crap. This plan will only work if you can provide a service or product that is in demand, and there are no one time sales services or products that offer the same thing, and also if you can offer new updates and improvements to keep your recurred for longer then 1 month!

Membershipsitebootcamp is a prime example of attempting to create a demand for some thing that is not there yet. It targets IMer’s looking for the next big thing! It’s like the Adsense Empire sellers that claim you can make millions from adsense! You can, by selling ebooks and courses on “how to do it”! In reality, adsense sucks, the best way to make money off adsense is to sell some shit to IMer’s! You may even be able to sell them on a recurring plan too! LOL

Sorry Mike, I felt it my duty to provide a more balanced report on this. I still consider you one of the brightest marketers out there! But this was not one of your best examples I would use.

To the rest of you out there looking for the next big thing. Keep looking! But I do agree community driven sites, and web 2.0, and videos is the wave of the future. Concentrate on providing quality service, and if you do try recurring, you better be able to provide incentive for your members to stick around longer then one month!

Currently most consumers would rather NOT join another recurring service if they do not have too. The greatest success to web 2.0 and community driven sites is the fact that they are free! A point missed on membershipbuttheadcamp.