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No, seo is not dead, just not as important as it use to be accept for Page Rank Watchers, God Bless their souls. Some times people ask me how can army of blogs which is 3 years old, and fairly well known only have a PR3? Well just for the record army of blogs had a PR5 for a brief period after being just a little over a year old, but after several changes by google dropped to a PR3 last year. And I use to be one of those damn PR watchers too, counting down the days to the next google update, aggressively applying seo to my pages, bla, bla, bla, and more bla!

Here is what I learned. It was not worth all my time and energy! Even playing by google’s rules, army of blogs has always been completely white hat, and still is! I can not, and will not run my business to every search engine. WTF is that all about? Think about it for a minute. Who’s running the show? I AM! I could give a rat’s ass what google ranks me, I do not have to rely on seo to stay in business, never have. I been in business long before google, and I will be in business long after google!

Army of Blogs is a labor of love. Although it deals in many areas related to seo, it was never about seo, in fact just check my old pages or about me and you will see, I never preach seo, this is a marketing site. If you want seo, just go to one of the zillion pages all dedicated to seo. If your looking for marketing information, then you come to the right place.


I use to hang out at a lot of seo forums in the beginning, I too was a seo nerd, but realized early on, seo is a waste of time. Blackhat is a much better way to go. About the only thing seo “specialists” can agree on is things always change in seo. NO SHIT?! I even tried following Matt Cutts advice too! What a bull shit artist he is! Matt claims that if you just forget about seo and concentrate on quality original content, the rest will just happen. Yea right. Dream on! That is exactly what I have been doing on army of blogs since day one! I continue to get penalized for it from google! But Matt does have it half right. I suggest you just forget about seo and search engines and concentrate on quality work for your main sites. Leave seo for all your blackhat sites! SEO works best when done blackhat style!

I can’t tell you what a relief it has been for me the past two of the three years not worrying about PR or search engines here on army of blogs. I don’t keep up with google’s stupid PR updates, or worry about seo at all. I just work my blog. Some how people find it. I use army of blogs as a information site. The information here is valuable and it’s free. If you can find me, your in for a treat. If you can’t find me, well I’m not out of any thing, because this is simply a labor of love for me. Do you really think I’ve been able to stay in business from just my reviews and affiliate links? This blog is here to keep you informed! If it can make some money too, well thats great, and a nice bonus, but not it’s primary purpose! I have other projects that make money for me. Army of Blogs is here to warn you of bull shit artists, crappy Internet Marketers, and also inform you of real methods that work! This is what this site is about. Let’s face it, not every company can deliver Medical SEO that is effective, not every Plastic Surgery SEO is effective, and not every Miami SEO is the real deal. We are here to help.

But I’m no angel. I do have pages and blogs devoted entirely to scrape search engine traffic, and they break every rule in the google book. They are on total auto pilot, I don’t care if they crash and burn, all are disposable. Guess what? Those little mothers get higher PR then army of blogs! So there is your seo value for you! I simply do not have the time to worry about PR, google, or any of that shit. SEO has never made me the most money any way. It has always been marketing. And with all those web 2.0 and social sites, you don’t even need google to scrape traffic from any more!

So there you have it. The reason army of blogs is PR3 is because I do not play the seo game here, or apply any BH techniques here. This is a labor of love. I am sick to death of seo and rarely ever use any seo.