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Michelle MacPhearson A Social Authority?

Ok people here goes another *real* report about marketing marketers! As you know for the past three years I have continued to break the silence on many topics and report the truth about some of the marketing practices that I felt was questionable. I’ve also reviewed many, many products, programs, services, and ebooks. Providing you a completely unbiased honest report! Many times angering other marketers in the process. Army of Blogs is the ONLY place you will get the truth about many of these “get rich quick”, and “get a ton of free traffic” schemes that often border a scam but more often is simply a over dose of bull shit!

What is “marketing marketers?

This is a term I use to describe how some marketers target other marketers and webmasters to profit from. This includes such hot subjects as, Adsense Empire Crap, Social Sites, YouTube, and any thing that promises you either more traffic or money or both! Also includes the seo sector to boost your PR by hundreds or thousands of free backlinks. You get the idea. They target marketers and webmasters who are vulnerable to finding ways to make easy money or instant traffic!

This is accomplished by ebooks which offer very general basic information you could have found for free on the Internet, over priced seminars that stroke your ego and produce next to nothing results, and programs that promise you astronomical earnings and traffic. I’m sure many of you been there and done that, and you already know what I’m talking about. Half of the Internet Marketers out there are nothing but bull shit artists! They targeted YOU!

It can be hard to find a quality internet marketing company, even Medical SEO can be hard to find. When it comes to the very best Miami SEO, there is only one place to go!


So where does Michelle MacPhearson fit in all this? Good question. I’ve interviewed Michelle once, and quickly realized she is “soft skinned”, easily offended. Michelle in my opinion is a fairly honest marketer as far as marketers go that is. You may remember her from SpaceHogs when she use to visit semi regularly during her Badder Adder days. Badder Adder was a Myspace bot of average quality, few updates, and next to zero support. In fact many on Space Hogs complained about BA, and reported asking for a refund and never getting one. Michelle is not a programmer, she is a marketer. So she can not be blamed entirely for all the BA problems, but the support simply was not there. Also when MS sent out the first C&D orders to bot owners, she took BA off market even before she received a C&D order. And that was the last we seen from her until recently when she started her youtube promotions.

Michelle has on a few occasions admited she has very limited experience in social marketing, yet suddenly she is a authority. She has announced work on a ebook she will be releasing soon and asked if she should give it away or charge some thing for it on her blog at michellemacphearson.com, btw how many of you also use a domain after your own name for marketing? Any way yours truly posted a couple (2) posts on her blog. The first I suggested free, give the damn thing away for free! Then several others, probably either MM cheerleaders or IMer’s who seen a exploit opportunity suggested charging as much as she could for it. I posted again reminding those “price it” people that what ever Michelle was planning on releasing it would be dated quickly because things change daily on social sites! And I brought up the marketing marketers angle, and how I have not been a part of that game and continue to give away free reports and info. Well Michelle deleted my posts of course. It did not sit well with her plans and she accused me over crossing the line again. WHAT LINE? The truth???

Look people, listen very carefully to me. I can almost guarantee you that you will not find any *real* valuable information about social marketing on any ebook! The reasons are many!

Number One:

The real secrets are heavily guarded! People who really know their shit are not talking! They are too busy making serious money and could give a rats ass if *you* ever discover how they do it! In fact they would prefer you never do! They stand to make more money keeping these things a secret rather then publishing them for any price!

Number Two:

Any thing that really is effective or useful is out dated quickly! Things change every day on social sites, some times even several times in one day! If I was to publish a ebook about every thing I know, by the time you read it, most of the stuff in it has already changed!

Now get this, Michelle who has admitted more then once that she is *not* a social marketing expert, suddenly wants to publish a ebook about it. Right along the time that “Free Adder” program she promoted to us. More on free adder later! Sounds like she is slipping back in to the social marketing game, nothing wrong with that.


Damn straight you should be! Is this another Marketing the Marketers technique. What do you think you will find in this ebook, paid or free? Well Michelle says..

"The guide covers generating traffic and backlinks via social media outlets.
Page count is irrelevant, as most higher page count ebooks are 90% filler with about
5-10 pages of actual actionable content.  This is step-by-step,
"Go to site x and do Y."  Having finished the steps in the Checklist,
you will have hundreds of backlinks for your site."

The funny part is that she got some people telling her they can’t wait for it, and she should charge no less then $60 for it!

Who are these people? LMAO!

Any way all I did was suggest she give it away for free simply because it would be dated quickly, and if it was of any real value she wouldn’t be asking for price points! And I get deleted!>

Now if I simply praised her efforts and claimed I couldn’t wait for her guide, she would be happy and I would not have been deleted. But I do not stroke her ego. I told it like it is!


I never censor on my blog. I don’t believe in it. You can say any thing about any thing, as long as your not trying to spam my blog and are contributing you will get heard!

The only time that I do any censorship is if a person really over does it in a personal attack or tries to post sensitive personal information about some one else.

While I am against censorship, I also support your private rights too!

I’ve had another run in with Michelle and accused of some stupid shit, frankly I’m tired of apologizing to her and her staff. They are obviously way too sensitive and easily offended. I do not like feeling like I have to walk around egg shells. If your a Internet Marketer you can NOT be so sensitive. You must realize not every one will be the same as you or have the same opinions, and some may even criticize you!


You can bet your sweet google I will be following this topic and reporting on Free Adder and what ever else follows too.

And you can also be assured that I will be totally honest, unbiased, and will not censor your posts.


UPDATE: Michelle just dropped me as a affiliate from Revolution Tit.

No problem Michelle, I never made any money from any of your products so its no big loss for either of us.

Can’t wait for you Social Guide so I can review it here on Army of Blogs!