Save 50% On All Uber Bots

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I cannot believe that THIS scammy stuff was once posted on this site, and it’s appalling:

Uber’s Thanksgiving Day Sale Save 50% off All Bots!

This is NO JOKE! It’s for real! Uber has just informed me he is reducing the prices of all his bots by 50% from now until Saturday!

If you been sitting on the fence over a bot or two, now is the time to act! Don’t be a turkey! LOL! Seriously folks, this is unheard of in our branch of the market! Usually there is some bogus catch to news like this! But there are no catches here at all! Just remember you do not have much time, sale ends Saturday!

So now you can buy Uber’s Myspace Creator Bundle #1 for only $85! (reg. $149)

This also means you can now get a mutli threader winsock MS friend adder bundle 2 for onnly $15 (reg $29)

Hey, why not really take advantage of this and buy the Bundle Five which includes bundles 1 to 4) for only $200!

Don’t forget the hi5 line, and well, check out the complete line of bots Uber has!


That was the original post, but as you know, bots are nothing good. They accomplish NOTHING, but do bring a ton of headaches. It may sounds like a sounds strategy, and sometimes marketers sell you on this garbage, but a true, effective Miami SEO would never utilize such a lazy, spammy, tactic.

Instead, when you’re looking for Medical SEO, when you want to know that you are employing said Plastic Surgery SEO, then rest assured that there is a firm out there that won’t turn your campaign over to a host of spammy bots!