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New Blog New Form New Opportunity!

Army of Bots our sister site has just been revamped and ready for prime time! In addition to a blog it also has a new forum which will be open to the general public for a short time! BUT unlike our more Elite and Private Invaders Forum, this forum will remain to be easier to access and join! And there will not be a limit to the number of members.

I suggest you check it out, register and start making some posts there now! You don’t want to miss another golden opportunity again! Yes the forum is brand spanking new! Yes there is not much there now. In fact nothing yet. I will leave it up to you. I will add some useful information there very soon. But for now it’s up to you! I can assure you it will be rocking very quickly! After a unspecified amount of time, I will make access a little more restricted, but not as hard to join as Invaders. In no way is this forum intended to compete or replace Invaders forum. It is more like a boot camp for new warriors and experienced warriors!

As for the Army Of Bots Blog, it will specialize in social networks and bots! This blog, army of blogs will start to resume more of its earlier coverage of reviews, interviews, and news regarding marketing as a whole.