Forum Blues!

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Thank you all for your interest in the Invaders Forum. As you know access is by invitation only and it is completely private and closed to the public. Despite the invitations not every one is happy with the forum structure. It is very tight security. Respect and trust must be earned, not assumed! Doesn’t matter who you are! If you think your some body that may bother you. Also the forum loyalty goes to members first, not bot makers. If your a bot maker that may bother you too. Since this is a very tight circle of friends, we really don’t care how many members we get. It’s not about numbers but quality posts. So all invitees are on probation until they are screened and approved by trusted members. Needless to say, some people leave unhappy.

I get a fair amount of emails asking if they can get invited to Invaders. No. It doesn’t work that way. But you can request consideration at this Link. Yes it works! but don’t get your hopes up to high.

I will be starting a new forum very soon! This new forum will be open to the general public and free of course. This forum will be a boot camp, and training grounds! It will consist of different levels of membership! And can also be used for ammunition to gain consideration for Invaders Forum!

Just a word of advice to any one who joins any of these forums. They are not like most other forums. They are based on a democracy rather then a dictatorship. What that means is if the majority of members does not want you, your out. It also means every trusted member has a active role in governing the forums. It also means *you* get more freedom! Posts will never be censored or deleted just because the admin or mod doesn’t like it or you. It takes a group effort by trusted members to make that happen. Now thats a lot of freedom for some people to take it. Most have become comfortable with a dictatorship where just the admin and mods make all the decisions. With this much freedom comes the need to be able to be more tolerant of different ideas, and opinions. You can not be so soft skin or expect things to always go your way. You need to be more diplomatic, patient, and tolerant of totally different ideas!

I will announce when the new public forum is open for business!