Dragon Myspace Friend Adder Special

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Is Myspace even remotely interesting anymore? It seems to have died a slow death, much like the Dragon Myspace Adder, which auto added friends in an effort to help you build up your myspace friends list.

Okay, well, let’s skip over how that seems like a complete rip-off and something that probably only had a short shelf life and let’s move on to something a bit more new, and way more appealing.

Let’s focus on something that has a purpose, like finding local plastic surgeons that have complete profiles, extensive reviews and easy to locate information.

Let’s face it, it can be challenging, at times, to find yourself a primary care physician, because there are literally thousands of local primary care physicians to search through. It can be expensive to do a trial and error with them all, also time consuming, so where can you find a directory of local primary care physicians so you can narrow candidates down?

Fortunately, you can do this at the same place you can find local dentists, and other medical healthcare needs.