WTF Is Trackback Spam?


A New Trackback Spam Program!

Trackback Generator By Joseph Tierney

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow blackhats and spammers, it gives me great pleasure to announce another new Trackback spam program by a name I’m sure you will recognize. Joseph Tierney, long time black hat and notorious myspace guru will be releasing his latest contribution to the aggressive marketing community very soon, called Trackback Generator.

Who is Joseph Tierney you ask? Well if you have to ask it means you are either fairly new to Internet Marketing, or have Alzheimer’s disease! Joe is the maker of Blogger Generator which helped revolutionize how we blog! If that wasn’t enough, he was also one of the early pioneers to help establish myspace as a strong marketing platform with one of the first myspace account creators, Space Promoter! Where has Joe been lately? No doubt he has been keeping a very low profile in some undisclosed location! It’s good to see Joe resurface above ground again and with a great new program that will definitely shake up the marketing community a little!

If you missed out on Trackback Spider before it sold out in less then 48 hours! You will have another chance to break in to the wonderful art of trackback spam. However do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste too much time deciding on Trackback Generator, as this will also be a limited offer. And when a black hat tells you it’s limited, you can bet your sweet google it will be limited. It’s no marketing trick! Trackback is hot, the techniques and methods used very effective, and they simply do not want to over saturate the market with TB spam.

Trackback Generator will be a stand alone desktop program you purchase. No recurring monthly charges like Trackback Spider. There are pros and cons to each. No one likes recurring charges, but usually as in the case with Trackback Spider, you get your monies worth! And generally with a program this good, your one time charge such as Trackback Generator may be higher then you would like it to be. No price has been announced yet. I will report more news on Trackback Generator as it develops. If you were sitting on the fence over Trackback Spider, you will get another chance very soon. If you don’t know what Trackback Spam is, or have Alzheimer’s disease, don’t worry about it. By the time you get a clear picture, this will be sold out too.

Buddy Promoter New Bot On The Block!



The Swiss Army Knife MySpace Bot!

By Bud Wiser

I am currently reviewing a new bot called Buddy Promoter. This is a do it all bot. It can create accounts, it’s a adder, messenger, and can even post on your myspace blogs too! This is just to let you know that Buddy Promoter is NOT a vaporware, scam, or fly by night program. It’s real! It is the only account creator, adder, poster I know of! I will be posting a full in depth full review of it very soon!

Up until now there has been only rumors and forum posts about Buddy Promoter. There has not been any official review of it until now! I will set the story straight once and for all!

One feature of Buddy Promoter I am very excited about is it’s ability to post on your myspace blogs! I have only seen this feature once before on a pricey custom made bot not available to the general public. As far as I know Buddy Promoter is the first commercial bot to include this feature! And what a feature it is too!

Imagine the SEO value of being able to create hundreds of unique one way backlinks for your other web sites and rss blogs! You can also use this feature like days of old for blog and ping to get new sites indexed faster! The results as you regular marketers already know is increased PageRank on Google! More on this later!

It’s obvious to me looking at Buddy Promoter that a lot of thought went in to the design of it. This is a full featured program. I’m so glad to be the one that can finally break the story about this program here on Army of Blogs! There has been so many different things said about BP on various forums. News spread by word of mouth is not always accurate, truthful, fair or honest. Forget what you may have heard about Buddy Promoter. You are about to get the whole story from me! Stay Tune for more!

May Buzz Report


The Buzz Report: May Issue

Update: The release of the latest and most anticipated Buzz Report will be out by the first week of May. You must be a registered subscriber to our newsletter to get the Buzz Report! The Buzz Report will only be made available through the next newsletter, also due first week in May. Rather then post a newsletter and the Buzz Report simultaneously I decided to skip the usual release of the newsletter this time. Instead subscribers to the newsletter will receive a email with download instructions for the Buzz Report.

Whats In The Buzz Report?

Aside from being one of the most controversial ezines in existence, this issue will have some extra surprises! It’s not my practice to discuss the details of what’s in the Buzz Report publicly, accept to say it includes information not made publicly. I will tell you some key features in this issue of the Buzz. This issue is mostly about MS marketing as it is the best available method at this time!

1. MySpace Bot’s (custom, and cracked)
2. MySpace Guide (how to stay below the radar and still make money!)
3. Links to Free Stuff! (things you can use others had to pay for!)
4. Tips on how to best use popular commercial bots!
5. Link to the secret Army of Blogs mIRC channel!

This is my way of saying thanks to all of my regular readers and supporters of Army of Blogs! Rather then charge money for membership to private forums or ezines, I offer this for free, but only to those who are members, which is free. Please note, back issues of the buzz are not available! Download links are removed in 24 hours! The PDF file is password protected! This is only available for members only, for limited time! After it passes, I will not give out any more copies of the may issue.

Buzz Report Special Edition


NEWS UPDATE: Latest Buzz Report Issue Coming Soon!

I am working on the next newsletter, which will also include a link to a new issue of the notorious Buzz Report ezine, not available any where else accept thru my newsletter. The Buzz Report is not released regularly, and contains red hot news you either won’t find any where else or would have trouble finding! Links to the Buzz Report ezine (PDF) will be removed 24 hours after the release of the newsletter. If you still need a copy after that, you will have to email me and if you’re a subscriber I will send you another link or email you a copy. The Buzz Report is 100% FREE to all subscribers of Army of Blogs Newsletter! In it you will find information that never gets posted on my blog, or more in depth reporting of subjects I may only briefly touch on my blog.. I hope to have the latest issue of the newsletter and Buzz Report finished soon. If you are not a subscriber, you still have time to subscribe! This issue will be just as hot and controversial as other issues of the Buzz Report!

Custom Bootlegs And Cracked Bots


Are Custom Made Bots Better?

There has been a increase in availability of custom bots, and the prices have come down too! But are they worth the extra bucks? Typically a MS custom bot will cost you between $65 to $125 if it’s pretty basic. What you get is a winsock bot capable of not only defeating the captcha, you also get SPEED! Lots of speed. With the ability of running several sockets at a time, you can send 450 request to one account in about a minute, or 450 requests out simultaneously to say 250 accounts in about 10 to 20 minutes! The reason it takes longer on more accounts is there are other factors to consider. How many sockets does the bot offer? How well MS is sunning? And how many of those accounts just got deleted by MS.


In my opinion, the extra speed you get with these bots certainly make them worth the bucks! But they are NOT for every one, only serious players! If your just a casual ms player, just about any commercial bot will work for you! They run slower and more prong to stalling and need for regular updates. Most are browser version, and the best browser version is Friend Blaster Pro (see my review). There are at least two other different style programs, winsock which was how Adder Robot was built, and was easily hands down the fasted adder on the commercial market! The program is still heavily in use by many players. It’s much faster then commercial browser bots, but not as fast as the latest crop of custom bots that also use winsock. Then there is Easy Adder, not a browser or winsock! It’s speed is about the same as browser bots, not as fast as winsock. The advantages to easy adder is it’s still probably more bot then the casual players need! It can defeat the captcha, and has chaining. It’s a great adder for most players and makes a great backup for serious players, and it’s dirt cheap!

Friend Blaster Pro Review!


Friend Blaster Pro is one of the few myspace bots still on the market willing to stand up against myspace for their right to market a perfectly legal piece of software. This program breaks no Federal, State, or International laws! It simply automates your myspace activity. How you want to use it is up to you. You can use it sparringly, wisely, or you can use it to spam. You can do the same thing with out this program or any bot, ultimately it’s the end users who decide what they want to do. Not bot owners, and not even myspace.

I had the privilege to test out and use Friend Blaster Pro (FBP). I was not able to review it right away so it sat on my desktop for a week. During that time there were 3 upgrades for it! The version I am writing about is version 6.6, by the time you read this there could be a newer version, but don’t worry, this is a smart program, it lets you know there is a new upgrade, and can upload it and install it for you!


FBP is loaded with the features that make promoting your band or yourself very easily. It is also rock solid! It is NOT a copycat of any other bot out there. While certainly you may see simular in design or layout, such things is really unavoidable. Unlike copycats programs, FBP is build from the ground up to be original. If Badder Adder and Space Station were still on the market, Friend Blaster Pro would bury both of them, that’s how good it is! But in all fairness to SS, we will never really know how much better it could have got if it was not forced off the web by myspace.

Forum Equalizer


Finally a new program to discuss! Forum Equalizer is by Rod Beckwith. If you don’t recognize the name, I’m sure you will be fimilar with some of his other products, Press Equalizer, Instant Article Submitter, and the all time great, Traffic Equalizer! If you could not make any money from TE, you might as well forget about it! A lot of people made a lot of money with TE! It wa *the* program to have at one time! But times have changed, and so has our techniques!

Forum Equalizer uses a different technique to create more one way links for you and to get more traffic by mass posting to forums. Unlike previous programs that posted to forums where it was a hit or miss, and mostly a miss, FE is much more targeted. It posts to forums that allow advertising! 85 targeted forums that you can mass post to from your PC.

You can consider this as a pre-review. I have not been using FE long enough to provide a more in depth review yet. But I am very confident about any of Rod’s programs! I suggest you check it out too. Like all of Rod’s programs, FE is very easy to use, rock solid, and no doubt effective!

Update: I am loving it! There will definitely be a full review coming soon!

Registerfly Train Wreck!



This is very big news, and really bad news for 1000’s of webmasters who have domains registered with Registerfly has always had support issues, but it has finally derailed! They can no longer renew any domains! Also, they are trying to assume ownership of a lot of domains by changing the dns to point to other websites! They are not responding to any support tickets! The going ons at registerfly has been called a “Train Wreck” by Newsweek! ICANN is offering to help webmasters having prblems with registerfly.

I have over 60 domains with registerfly and I am scrambling to get my most important ones transfered right away! I have lost dozens of domains already because I could not renew them on time! Registerfly has changed the dns on some of my domains to point to other web sites! All of my support tickets have gone unanswered! They took my money to renew, but nothing happens! Their control panel does not reflect accurate information any more! They show domains that expired that have not expired, and some that have expired and show they have not expired. I am totally pissed off about this! This is perhaps the biggest Internet disaster that ever happened!

IF YOU HAVE ANY DOMAINS WITH REGISTERFLY YOU SHOULD TRY TO TRANSFER THEM TO ANOTHER REGISTRANT ASAP! has a special domain transfer rate just for registerfly users! Don’t wait too long!