Uber’s Adder Robot Replacement




All right are you ready for this? Just when you thought it was safe and you could relax, along comes yet another speed demon myspace friend adder! Every one knows that Adder Robot was simply hands down the best friend adder on the planet. What a lot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes the creator of AR was also working on a new version of AR, called Raptor at the time. It was going to be the next AR! But it never happened! To make a long story short, Uber bought the source code for Raptor!

Raptor was created by the same genius who created Adder Robot! Uber bought the source code! This is exciting news! Some of you may have a the privilege to get your hands on a unreleased from version of Raptor. You know how amazing that was! Well Uber has been busy the last 3 days working with the creator of AR (you know who that is!) and revamping it a bit! Just changing some code, the appearance is still the same as Raptor. What’s it called? You guessed it, Uber’s Multi Threading Friend Adder! It can be bought as a stand alone or bundled with the amazing Leet ID Scanner! Fucking amazing combo that is!

So how fast is it? Well it has the capability to run up to 100 sockets but unless you have a T1 line or greater, I doubt you can get passed 10 sockets with Cable or DSL! LOL! Yes, it’s that fast! The threads are user selectable! So start off with 4 and see what you can do Mario!

I test drove the early prototype called Raptor, and it was verry fast. It really can not get any faster then this unless you have a T1 line or greater! I’m looking forward to testing this baby out! you can expect a full review shortly! I just wanted to give all you folks a heads up on the latest and greatest news! So run, don’t walk over to Uber Bots now and take a test spin for yourself on the trial demo version.

Dragon Friend Adder


The Dragon Comes To The Resue!

Not sure what is going on over at Buddy Promoter. Four days after myspace recent change that effected login has left BP useless, and while every other bot has updated for this, BP has not!

Also, with the recent ms change, it has crippled our long time champ Adder Robot! It can login however it can not scan for new ID’s! This does not leave the AR users in a good place. Many marketers have been using AR because it was simply the best friend adder on the market! Winsock multi threader that was very fast!


The creator of Buddy Promoter just happens to have his own web site. He is not associated with the folks who sold buddy promoter. He is the programmer and sold them the rights to sell buddy promoter. He was not responcible for updating or up keeping BP, they were. But because he is the programmer and creator of that script he has a whole line of similar bots for sale! All winsock and multi threading! And unlike the BP design of all in one, his bots are seperate bots, so you can buy just what you need or want! I was very impressed with his line up and pricing!

I would like to introduce you to the Dragon! The Dragon Friend Adder bot that is! This bot can be a direct replacement for adderrobot! It is a multi threading winsock friend adder with lightning speed! It’s fucking fast! And it has a built in id scanner. This bot looks very much like the friend adder portion of BP but with a major improvement. You can see the progress of each post! And oh yea, Dragon updates regularly and you are dealing directly with the programmer!

Now this baby sells for $59.99 and before you bitch over the price you better shut up and listen. The Dragon Friend Adder is just as good as any custom or private bot selling for $100 or more! IT’S A MULTI THREADER! WITH REGULAR UPDATES!

I strongly suggest you vist the Dragon and check out all the other bots too! I will be reviewing each one! Also, there will be MORE coming too! Hi5, and other social sites! Need a custom made bot? NP! Just ask the dragon!You just made a great new find! USE IT!

Tubeinator Preview


New YouTube Bot: Tubeinator

It looks like I will be reviewing Tubeinator after all. Although Michelle would not give up a free copy of her $49 program to me so I could review it, the number of requests and enquirers I received did warrant me to purchase it. It will also be beneficial for you to read how Tubeninator really works and compares to other Tube bots with out the sales pitch or glorified testimonials usually accompanied with these products. You’ll get the real scoop.

This post is simply a pre-review, or preview, and should not be taken as a review.A full review involves regular usage of a course of time from a few days to a few weeks to determine how robust the program is, and to see if there are any bugs. How does the program work with other apps open, any conflicts, etc. In addition to that I review how effective the program really is. As a experienced marketer for many years I can make money from just about any thing, but some times it may not be worth the time and effort because time management is a big part of my work flow. So it has to be worth my time as well. I run sample campaigns to check for this, track the results and report what the average person can expect, and what the high and lows can be too. Non of all this can be determined by a limited trial demo. All you can tell from a demo is if it will install on your computer, will it open, does it run. Thats it. Often it can take hours or days before some bugs are found, if any. And you certainly won’t be able to gage effectiveness. No worries, I do all that for you.

In this post I can report that my copy of Tubeinator installed with no difficulties, load time about average usually, above average to slightly below average some times, nothing to be concerned with! When Tubeinator opens a news or tip screen appears, this may be useful for some of you. It will tell you if there is a update available. Tubeinator does permit storage of several accounts but does not support chaining. Also it does not permit auto login to youtube accounts created through google, so if your planing to use this, you need to create youtube accounts directly from youtube and not sign up through your google account option.

Tubeinator does two things, sends out friends requests and posts comments on videos. Main options available under File tab are extract id’s, import id’s and time delay. At this point it is a step up from tube bots that only add friends. To manage your youtube accounts you use Manage Accounts where you can add, edit, and delete your accounts and also login from. Accounts are stored in a accounts.txt file, and uses a similar format for accounts that badder adder used.


name is the account name, your password, first zero for number of adds sent, second zero for comments sent. Notice the ; separator. Most bots use : as a separator. Badder Adder used ; as a separator too. This bot could very well have been designed by the same programmer. Which would not be a bad thing at all because badder adder was a very robust bot. But I never liked ; as a separator because if you ever need to migrate account files to other bots you need to change the separator to : as most use that instead. Not a big problem if you use a find and replace program, just a extra step, but this will not and should not be a main concern to you.

All I did at this point is send out add requests. To check your account you use the built in browser to see how many friends accepted and how many are pending. I sent out 118 requests, the majority are still pending after two days, a good share accepted, and very small percentage declined because they are jerks. I don’t like youtube because you can not easily see how many actual friends you have, and how many are pending, they give you the total of accepted and pending! The only thing you can do with your friends is remove them or move them to another category. So what was my numbers? I didn’t count each but it looks like 80% are still pending, about 19% accepted, and 1 decline after 2 days of my first posting.

None of this data is enough to determine any thing at this point, and I have not sent any comments yet. So once again I remind you this is NOT a review, but a preview. I plan on testing tubeinator out for the next week with regular adds and comments. SO how do you make money or get traffic from spamming youtube this way? Good question. Youtube does not allow any html in comments or profile. You can however add a website url under personal information and it will appear under your latest image video and it is click able. People have tried enter www.mydomain.com but it won’t be click able like on this blog. One would have to copy and paste your url to get spammed. Your best bet will be if they click on the only click able url, your website.

So whats the technique used to get traffic and make money? You theoretically send out as many friend requests and comments as possible and the rest is a numbers game. To increase your odds and chances you need as many accounts as you can muster, so a account creator would really be needed if this was the technique you want to try. Currently the only youtube account creator I know of sells for $95. Email me if your interested. With out a creator, your going to be working your ass off for probably very little effort. I will show you my results with one account with regular adds and comments for a week. You can simply multiple that by any number of accounts to get some idea what to expect.

Personally I am not a big fan of this approach. I found it takes too much of my time, and for me, time is money! Spamming youtube is not like spamming other socials, it’s harder. Results are therefore less significant. But for $40 this could be a nice addition to your arsenal for youtube marketing. Now it’s been suggested that Tubeniator is most effective if you “blend in” and become apart of the community. And you should also submit some videos. Well I can definitely agree with the videos, but IMHO feel blending in is a total waste of time. If you re going to go this route, fuck blending, and go for sheer numbers! People who have been preaching blending in for spamming really do not know what they are talking about! Ask any spammer, sheer numbers is the only thing that works. We know its spam, and they know its spam, no matter how we try to blend in. Trying to blend in just uses up more of your precious time and reduces your numbers. Not a good strategy at all.

But can Tubeniator be a useful marketing tool? Can any tube adder and commenter be useful? There is no question that bots like this have some value, and their effectiveness will be in direct relationship to the person using them and how talented they are. Also any one already involved big in spamming socials understands time management all to well, that is a deciding factor for me on every thing I do! So it will also depend on how much time you have on your hands!

What Tubeinator does have going for it is you can add and comment. And it’s priced fairly reasonably. So if you bomb out, its not going to break you. I doubt your going to see any thing significant. But you may be able to recover your investment in a relatively short period of time if your resourceful enough. A much better youtube marketing method is simply concentrating on uploading videos to youtube and every video sharing site. See VIDEO EXPLOITS where I talk about Video Blaster Pro a amazing service that lets you upload a video to 16 video sites at the same time! This my friends is where the money and traffic is!

But let Bud Wiser give you a great blackhat tip you can use Tubeinator for! Create a shit load of youtube accounts for video uploads. What ever you can handle! Use Video Blaster Pro to upload to all 16 video sites. Lets say you created 25 prime accounts for video uploads. Now create 25 dummy youtube accounts to be used on Tubeinator. Simply spam your prime accounts with rich favorable comments! You can also use your dummy accounts with tubeinator to direct more traffic to your prime accounts. And if you have the time also add new friends and post more comments to other users. It’s all about marketing and time management. At the end of the day, only you can say if all this was worth for you. It’s not worth it for me because I am simply involved in too many projects. Projects that I make money from! This was just to give you an idea of one way you could use tubeinator for!

I will be releasing a prime quality ebook soon called, “Socializing” where I will cover every social site including lesser known ones, and even how to crack Craigs List! This ebook will cover a lot of techniques and methods, along with links to where you can get brand name software at ridiculously low prices! It will have a section for myspace, youtube, hi5, all of them! The shit no one wants you to know! There will be absolutely no “passive marketing” bullshit in it! This is how the real big boys do it! Do NOT be fooled in to believing you can make any serious money on passive marketing. Any one that tells you that is simply trying to make money selling you a useless ebook! Here is a tip right now, if a program is cheap, chances are very good, so will your results be too! Any thing where the real money is at costs serious bucks! And no one really wants every one to know about where the real money is! Money is made by aggressive marketing! Not Passive Marketing!

My ebook Socializing will not be free! It will be another month before I release it. Not sure about pricing, it won’t be cheap. And no, I won’t be using clickbank hahah!

Look for my follow up full review of Tubeinator! I’m sure this will turn out to be pretty good. I can usually get results from any thing. It’s priced right, in the right hands will have some value. I can definitely tell you it’s not a dog at this point! Looks like the same programmer that made badder adder! If not, it’s still well designed. If your already making big bucks, you won’t need it. Stick to the methods you have been using. It won’t be ground breaking, but it may be worth it for newbies or as a additive for real marketing. If your looking to make serious money quickly, heheh, well I’m afraid you may have to wait for my book Socializing, expect to spend some serious cash to get started. And it won’t be for passive marketers at all!

WTF Is Trackback Spam?


A New Trackback Spam Program!

Trackback Generator By Joseph Tierney

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow blackhats and spammers, it gives me great pleasure to announce another new Trackback spam program by a name I’m sure you will recognize. Joseph Tierney, long time black hat and notorious myspace guru will be releasing his latest contribution to the aggressive marketing community very soon, called Trackback Generator.

Who is Joseph Tierney you ask? Well if you have to ask it means you are either fairly new to Internet Marketing, or have Alzheimer’s disease! Joe is the maker of Blogger Generator which helped revolutionize how we blog! If that wasn’t enough, he was also one of the early pioneers to help establish myspace as a strong marketing platform with one of the first myspace account creators, Space Promoter! Where has Joe been lately? No doubt he has been keeping a very low profile in some undisclosed location! It’s good to see Joe resurface above ground again and with a great new program that will definitely shake up the marketing community a little!

If you missed out on Trackback Spider before it sold out in less then 48 hours! You will have another chance to break in to the wonderful art of trackback spam. However do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste too much time deciding on Trackback Generator, as this will also be a limited offer. And when a black hat tells you it’s limited, you can bet your sweet google it will be limited. It’s no marketing trick! Trackback is hot, the techniques and methods used very effective, and they simply do not want to over saturate the market with TB spam.

Trackback Generator will be a stand alone desktop program you purchase. No recurring monthly charges like Trackback Spider. There are pros and cons to each. No one likes recurring charges, but usually as in the case with Trackback Spider, you get your monies worth! And generally with a program this good, your one time charge such as Trackback Generator may be higher then you would like it to be. No price has been announced yet. I will report more news on Trackback Generator as it develops. If you were sitting on the fence over Trackback Spider, you will get another chance very soon. If you don’t know what Trackback Spam is, or have Alzheimer’s disease, don’t worry about it. By the time you get a clear picture, this will be sold out too.

How To Make Video’s For Youtube


Video Marketing 101

We hear a lot about YouTube and for good reason, it’s a goldmine! Bigger then myspace it has a gigantic audience and user base that can be used to get traffic or affiliate marketing. We hear from so-called “experts” who try to sell us their programs or ebooks all the time how easy it is to get a flood of traffic and make big bucks. Total bullshit I assure you. They are just promoting their program, bot, or ebook, You come to Army of Blogs to get the real story and so you shall once again.


Now we can discuss the topic with out pollution, lies, or exaggerations. What I am about to share with you is what those so-called experts either have no clue or simply want to keep this a secret. Doesn’t matter, fuck them, you don’t need their ebooks. They make their money peddling ebooks and programs! The real money makers on youtube simply don’t care to share the methods or techniques.


Ok, first thing first. If your planning on scarfing up traffic from simply creating accounts, adding friends, and sending comments, your in for a rude awaking. While you can make a decent showing if you devote all your time to this, it’s virtually a waste of time. The real traffic comes from the videos, not the adds or comments.

I know a couple of verry shrewd marketers who make out like bandits from uploading videos! This is where the real show is and where you should be considering marketing. Leave the comment spam for wannabes, welcome to the real world of youtube marketing!

You should also be aware that it’s not just youtube we are targeting! There are 16 video sharing services you can be uploading your vids to instantly! More on this later! For now lets concentrate on the videos! How do you make a video, and what makes some videos sky rocket with plays and others fail? The biggest mistake you can make is to make a video about your product! You have just narrowed your audience to a very small percentage (idiot!). You want to grab the mainstream, some thing that most people will want to watch! Some thing that will be saved as a favorite, passed on to friends in emails, and just become popular and fun to watch!

Comedy is a great theme, so are some semi adult related clips. Go to far in the direction of porn and you will get deleted in one hour! But safer just happens to be better for us any way! Do some research. Find what some of the most popular and most viewed vids are, and borrow their theme or at the very least their keywords and title! But that’s not enough, remember, your video has to be good too!

So how do you make a video? You can use any DV camcorder and editing software to do this. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money on a DV recorder or software! Used will work too, and you can even find free software too! This method takes some time, and there is a learning curve for editing your videos.

A much faster and better way is to invest in a DV recorder that records on DVD’s or Flash! These recorders are easy to use and transferring the vids to your computer for uploading is quick and easy too! Less of a learning curve and faster! If your dying to test the waters in the least expensive way, and still the fastest, here is a inexpensive solution.

Buddy Promoter New Bot On The Block!



The Swiss Army Knife MySpace Bot!

By Bud Wiser

I am currently reviewing a new bot called Buddy Promoter. This is a do it all bot. It can create accounts, it’s a adder, messenger, and can even post on your myspace blogs too! This is just to let you know that Buddy Promoter is NOT a vaporware, scam, or fly by night program. It’s real! It is the only account creator, adder, poster I know of! I will be posting a full in depth full review of it very soon!

Up until now there has been only rumors and forum posts about Buddy Promoter. There has not been any official review of it until now! I will set the story straight once and for all!

One feature of Buddy Promoter I am very excited about is it’s ability to post on your myspace blogs! I have only seen this feature once before on a pricey custom made bot not available to the general public. As far as I know Buddy Promoter is the first commercial bot to include this feature! And what a feature it is too!

Imagine the SEO value of being able to create hundreds of unique one way backlinks for your other web sites and rss blogs! You can also use this feature like days of old for blog and ping to get new sites indexed faster! The results as you regular marketers already know is increased PageRank on Google! More on this later!

It’s obvious to me looking at Buddy Promoter that a lot of thought went in to the design of it. This is a full featured program. I’m so glad to be the one that can finally break the story about this program here on Army of Blogs! There has been so many different things said about BP on various forums. News spread by word of mouth is not always accurate, truthful, fair or honest. Forget what you may have heard about Buddy Promoter. You are about to get the whole story from me! Stay Tune for more!

May Buzz Report


The Buzz Report: May Issue

Update: The release of the latest and most anticipated Buzz Report will be out by the first week of May. You must be a registered subscriber to our newsletter to get the Buzz Report! The Buzz Report will only be made available through the next newsletter, also due first week in May. Rather then post a newsletter and the Buzz Report simultaneously I decided to skip the usual release of the newsletter this time. Instead subscribers to the newsletter will receive a email with download instructions for the Buzz Report.

Whats In The Buzz Report?

Aside from being one of the most controversial ezines in existence, this issue will have some extra surprises! It’s not my practice to discuss the details of what’s in the Buzz Report publicly, accept to say it includes information not made publicly. I will tell you some key features in this issue of the Buzz. This issue is mostly about MS marketing as it is the best available method at this time!

1. MySpace Bot’s (custom, and cracked)
2. MySpace Guide (how to stay below the radar and still make money!)
3. Links to Free Stuff! (things you can use others had to pay for!)
4. Tips on how to best use popular commercial bots!
5. Link to the secret Army of Blogs mIRC channel!

This is my way of saying thanks to all of my regular readers and supporters of Army of Blogs! Rather then charge money for membership to private forums or ezines, I offer this for free, but only to those who are members, which is free. Please note, back issues of the buzz are not available! Download links are removed in 24 hours! The PDF file is password protected! This is only available for members only, for limited time! After it passes, I will not give out any more copies of the may issue.

Buzz Report Special Edition


NEWS UPDATE: Latest Buzz Report Issue Coming Soon!

I am working on the next newsletter, which will also include a link to a new issue of the notorious Buzz Report ezine, not available any where else accept thru my newsletter. The Buzz Report is not released regularly, and contains red hot news you either won’t find any where else or would have trouble finding! Links to the Buzz Report ezine (PDF) will be removed 24 hours after the release of the newsletter. If you still need a copy after that, you will have to email me and if you’re a subscriber I will send you another link or email you a copy. The Buzz Report is 100% FREE to all subscribers of Army of Blogs Newsletter! In it you will find information that never gets posted on my blog, or more in depth reporting of subjects I may only briefly touch on my blog.. I hope to have the latest issue of the newsletter and Buzz Report finished soon. If you are not a subscriber, you still have time to subscribe! This issue will be just as hot and controversial as other issues of the Buzz Report!